How It Works

how penis extenders workA penis extender is a traction device that makes the size of the penis bigger over a period of time of consistent wearing. A few individuals are curious about whether the traction device would make the penis bigger naturally without causing any form of injuries to the penis. So they want know how the device works before investing their money. Why some people are still on the fence as regards getting an extender, some have purchased it and what they are interested in is how to use it and nothing more.

Either ways, the article is put together to help people know how penis extenders work and it can help them achieve their ultimate goal of penis enlargement. There are currently lots of brands of extenders in the market, however, permit me to make use of sizegenetics extender because I consider it as a leading penis extender brand in the market. Thanks!

The Art Of Penis Enlargement

I feel to better give you a deep understanding of how extenders work and how they make penis bigger, there is need for how to make your dick biggerme to tell you how penis could increase in size naturally. Anatomically, human penis is not made of bones but tissues (biologically speaking, combination of cells make up a tissue). The tissues get filled with blood when you are erect. The interesting thing is that these tissues could be increased if the cells break and proliferate.

How do cells in the penile tissues break and proliferate? It happens if an external force is put on the penis to enforce or aid more inflow of blood to the penile chamber. This consistent additional inflow of blood to the penile chamber make the cells in the erectile tissues break down and assume a new shape which will in turn make the penis bigger in size. What a penis extender does is to put this force on the penis

How Penis Extenders Work

An extender device works through a system known as TRACTION. This means consistent pulling of penis head either at the flaccid or erect shape from the body. Penis traction device has a ring-like structure that is attached to the base of the penis with two supporting rods pointing forward towards the penis head and a rubber attachment at the top to fasten the head of the penis.

penis traction device

These rods are adjustable depending on your progress. The essence of using penis enlargement device is to put gentle pressure on the penis from the head. This pulls the male organ from the head even in flaccid state. It could take several few months for you to see significant increase in the size of your man hood. What is needed is consistency, once you are consistent with the use of the extender then you will definitely see positive results

Will The Traction Device Harm Your Penis?

There is this fear in the mind of guys about using extenders. They feel the device could inure their male penis enlargement bibleorgan. The truth is that if you use it as prescribed by the manufacturer, then you should not afraid of any complications or resulting injuries to your penis.

Getting Effective Extenders

The principle used in the enlargement of the penis extenders are not just new, it has been existing for decades. Though extension device can effectively increase the size of your male organ, however, there is need for you get the ones that will give you the results you wanted. Sizegenetics extender is a leading brand in the market not because of the popularity but because it effectiveness and safety. Click here to know more about sizegenetics form the official website.

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