Dangers Of Using Penis Extenders

penis extender side effects

dangerIf indeed you want to make your penis bigger naturally, I guess you would have heard of penis extenders before. The technique of men making use of extenders to increase the size of their penis is not new at all; it has been used for decades though without proper and contemporary packaging. Records available show that this method of penis enlargement works effectively but have you ever thought of the dangers inherent?

Lots of guys find it difficult to come to terms with the use if traction device. One of the major reasons why they seem to entertain this thought is because of the fact that they would wear a device on the most important part of their body. However, the question is: does wearing a penis stretcher pose danger to your health? It might, no matter how effective the devices might be if you use it without proper orientation. These dangers and how you can manage them are presented on this article

Penis Extender Dangers

The following are the possible dangers that you could encounter if you use an extender

Duration Of Use

You may injure your dick if you wear the penis extender for more than the required time or hours per day. Simply because people have been traction device dangerstold that they will get a bigger penis faster if they wear the traction device for more hours a day, they seem to go overboard about it with some people wearing the stretcher for more than 9 hours per day!

If you are using the enlargement device for the first time, it is advised that you start with 2 hours for the first few days. Increase the wearing time to 4 hours after the few days and then to 6 hours after a few weeks you started using it. Besides, ensure you go through the product’s prescription by the manufacturer before using it.

Cutting The Flow Of Blood

Wearing a penis extender could cut the flow of blood to the head of the penis. A lot of people agree that this is main danger as far as using a penis enlargement device is concerned. So how then do you know if the extender has cut the flow of blood to the penis head during the period of usage? You do not know because the level of discomfort it poses is not significant.

I know what comes to your mind when you heard that it cuts the flow of blood to the head of the penis is that; what are the side effects then? It has a side effect and the adverse effective is cutting off of the penis. I hope you are not afraid to hear that? It is something that hardly happens if you get and use the original extender in the first place.

extender dangerThe major reason why this thing happens to guys who wear traction device is because they purchased cheap and ineffective extender. The temptation is there to get the one that is cheap in order to save money. However, I do not know the reason why you will want to do that. Good and effective extenders are adjustable in nature which gives you the liberty to grow your penis in a safer way.

Effective and safe stretchers do not come cheap. If you want to make your penis bigger through a penis extender then getting a working and safe enlargement device to achieve your aim is inevitable.

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