What Is HGH?

introduction to human growthThe Human growth hormone is a natural protein hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. In the past, there was only one way to secret human growth hormone (HGH): through human bodies. Human growth processes along with cell regeneration and reproduction of the human body growth is usually dependent on the HGH or human hormones. It is commonly used as growth hormones for children with growth disorders and also treats diseases, but over the last years, HGH has been touted specifically as a powerful means for the treatment of obesity and the aging process.

With age, this hormone decline by around 14% per decade. You should start noticing the reduction when you get to age 30. The reduction of HGH could be as a result of changing external conditions, inability to get adequate rest or sleep, aging, stress and high blood sugar among others

Since the late of 1980s, recombinant human rHGH is made and with good results in the treatment of patients suffering from a deficiency of this hormone. However, because of its anabolic properties, it was an abuse in the sport world. Athletes and body-builders felt that human hormones increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass. The use of HGH as anabolic steroid by experienced athletes has been for a long time been the subject of controversy, and is currently banned, yet it is only recently, that blood tests can establish low hghbetween synthetic HGH release and that of the body

Symptoms of Low HGH In The Body

1)    Fatigue and low recovery rate

2)    Reduction in lean muscle

3)    Reduction of sex drive

4)    More sensitivity to anything cold or hot

5)    The problem of depression

6)    When you begin to notice increase in fat deposited in your body

Functions of Human Growth Hormone

It is a chemical substance that helps to grow the tissues of the body. I want you to flash your mind back to when you were still a teenager and you will understand the effects of human growth hormone when it was extremely easy to get muscle mass. It will affect not only the skeletal muscle but also other organs and tissues in the body. The effects of the hormone can also be conspicuously seen in the skin, hair and nails. It also stimulates the production of enzymes.

HGH is highly valued also as anti aging agent. In plain language, the heart, lungs, kidneys and immune system can experience a real rejuvenation if there is sufficient HGH in the body. Also the functions of the reproductive organs are stimulated. More human hormone in your body system will improve your sexhuman-growth-hormoneual performance by increasing your libido. Adequate sleep and a light fare in the early evening are the best conditions to benefit from the effects of HGH.

How To Boost The Level of Human Growth Hormone In Your Body Naturally

1)    Ensure you take your time to have adequate sleep per day. If you are in need of the human hormone and you also want to get it naturally, then make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Ensure the sleeping time is in the night.

2)    Engage in intense exercises

3)    Ensure you consume only foods or snacks with high protein and low carbohydrate. Amino acid has been discovered to boost the level of human growth hormone in the body.

4)    Take natural human growth hormone pills

HGH In Sport

The abuse of rHGH in the field of sport increased steadily since the late of 1980s. The popularity of the product is based on the common knowledge, that’s effective, difficult to detect with little side effects proportioned.

Based on insider information athletes take three to four times a week 10-25 IU, to increase their lean body mass. Assume that about 4 IU per day are taken in combination with other means, such as in endurance hghsports. Treatment often takes place in cycles of four to six weeks, similar to anabolic steroids in bodybuilding.

To what extent HGH really improve performance? The positive effects observed in adults with a HGH deficiency are less evident in athletes. Although many unofficial statements claimed it has a positive effect on muscle mass, however, it can be very difficult to determine the actual benefits of synthetic human growth hormone during concurrent administration of anabolic steroids.


When you start noticing HGH deficiency, try and consult your physician about it first for medical advice on what you can do before seeking for any personal solution.

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