5 Foods That Would Make Your Erection Harder


erection boosting foods

The truth that we should know is that every guy desire to have harder and stronger erections most especially during sexual sessions, however, only few do enjoy this sexual potency and ability. Some lost this sexual ability due to the old age factor while others lost their erection power as a male due to what they eat and also what they failed to eat regularly.

The only way most men feel their erection could be given more enduring power is through male enhancement pills or supplements. Though it is true that you can increase the power and hardness of your erection through enhancement pills (a good example of such pill is vigrx plus), however, little do so many guys know that they can also accomplish the same thing through food ingredients though results may not be as effective as the enhancement pills

5 Selected Foods That Could Make Your Erection More Enduring And Harder

What you will find in this article are foods that could help you achieve your aim of getting consistence stronger and thicker erections during intercourse. However, before I start listing these foods, there is need for me to intimate you that the lists of food is endless. Any food substance that will improve the flow of blood in the body would be a candidate too.

  1. Oystersoysters for erection

Eating this will help in boosting the level of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is that hormone that makes you develop all the attributes of a typical man. Oysters contain mineral zinc and vitamin B6. If you do your research very well you will discover that mineral zinc and vitamin B6 are vital for testosterone boosting. Oysters would not only improve your erections by boosting your testosterone but will also increase your sex drive too.

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  1. Pork

I know eyebrows would be raised at this point because of the inclusion of pork. What if I told you that you could make your erection more harder by eating pork? For you to get your mind in place for better erections during sexual intercourse, you need to have your neurons ready for action. This means your nervous system should be healthy for the purpose. Pork contains vitamin B1 or thiamine which will really help your nervous to be ready and healthy for action. If you do not like to eat pork due to any reasons, you can go for beans because it also contain vitamin B1

  1. Cherriescherries for harder erection

Fatty plagues in the artery way could lead to a condition called clogged arteries or atherosclerosis which would prevent the normal flow of blood to the penile chamber. What cherries do is to prevent your artery wall from suffering from the above mentioned condition. Anthocyanins together with other useful chemicals in cherries help in carrying out these tasks. Try and consider adding it to your diets as much as possible for better erections

  1. Raw Nuts And Seeds

Raw nuts are effective erectile boosting foods. It has a high level of arginine which is converter to nitric oxide in the body. This ensures the flow of blood to the penile chambers which helps erection to sustainable. Consider including one or two of the following into your diets frequently; peanuts, pecans, walnut, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Note: In order for walnut to effective, always consume it unaltered, unroasted and unsalted

  1. Garlicgarlic

A study conducted has confirmed that garlic increased the rate of blood flow by 15% in a calf. The percentage is said to be increased in human. Another fact about garlic is that it is a testosterone booster, which means improved erections.


These foods would help you in the long run, however, if what you want is a fast solution to lack of desired harder and longer erection, then consider getting vigrx plus male enhancement pill. It is 100% safe and works effectively. Click here for more information on vigrx plus

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