Penis Extender Myths

does penis stretchers workEither you in support or against; there are a lot of misconceptions about penis extender. These are what I have called penis stretcher or extender myths. What is expected for a person who desires to get a quality penis traction device for the purpose of making the male sexual organ bigger is to search through the internet. However, before I continue with the topic of discussion, there is need for me to tell you that you are at the mercy of the results you see in the search engines. This is the reason why I’m writing this article on crita to give you the true and real picture of penis traction device and what it does

I generally feel for guys that are being misled through the articles they read online most especially when it comes to penis enlargement through a penis extension device. I quite understand the fact that guys seem to believe anything they are sold to or taught just because of the desperation for a solution. Try and figure in your mind a man who is on the verge of losing his partner simply because of lack of sexual satisfaction due to small penis size. How would the persopenis pill mythsn respond to any solution marketed to him?

Penis Extender Myths

1)    Penis Extension Device Does Not Work

What you read on different sites online is that an extender does not work. It is a lie! A quality and good penis stretcher works very well to make the size of the penis bigger. Look, if you know the operation behind the process of making the dick bigger through traction device, then you will agree with me that it is possible to increase the size of your manhood through a stretching device.

2)    Your Manhood Will Become Bigger Within 2 Months Of Using The Extender

This is a lie! It will take approximately 6 – 7 months of consecutive use to gain increase in penis length. The process of penis enlargement through stretchers entails the elongation, breaking and re-sizing of penile tissues. These stages and processes will not happen within 2 months. It is expected to take a longer time. This is the reality!

3)    Wearing An Extender Will Hurt Your Penismyths

False! A good traction device will not hurt you when you attach it to your male sexual organ. Quality extenders usually come with effective adjustment system. This makes it easy for you to adjust as your penis increases in size. The comfort level it will give to you will help you wear the device for more than 6 hours a day. The comfort will make it easy for you to wear it at home watching the television with your family and even when sleeping

4)    You Can Buy A Penis Extender Cheap

A traction device does not come cheap at all. An effective stretcher sells for $200 and above. If you see any store that sells a penis extension device for $70 or below, then beware, it could be a fake product.

Information is power. Now that you already know more about the operations of an extender for penis enlargement, it is left for you to decide on what to do next.

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