How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally

How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally

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how to get a bigger dickThis article contains various methods on how to make your dick bigger. When it comes to penis size, studies have shown that most men are unhappy with the length of thier manhood especially if its short-sized. This can lead to a low quality sexual satisfaction, lost of self confidence and could further result to infidelity in a serious relationship. There are few methods to help you grow your dick, but the real question is how many of these methods truly work?

Penis Enlargement – Does The Penis Size Really Matter?

It is already a very popular question but also an unclear one. As women who make public statements linked “technique” used by male to sexual satisfaction, however, majority admit in PRIVATE that the size of dick of their man really matter a lot. A study in the Netherlands on a sample of 400 women revealed that 80% of them give great importance to penis length and 60% are addicted to excessive thickness (public statements!). What does these mean to you as a man?

The average size for an erect penis is located 12 to 17 cm (measured from the top to the bottom) and about 11 – 12 cm in girth. If the penis size is less than 6 cm when erect, one can say that we deal with a malformation (micropenis), which can be effectly corrected. This article on how to make your dick bigger will really help you make informed decision if followed strickly.

We have been confronted physically at conferences with questions on how to get a bigger penis. Some have even asked us whether it’s possible to make one’s dick longer and harder without any side effects. Yes, you can! Problems like premature ejaculation, not lasting longer in bed and general lack of sexual satisfaction will be dealt with effectively.

penis Enhancement – Things You must Know About Human Penis

The overall structure of the penis consists of two chambers called Corpora Cavernosa and a cylinder called Corpus how to make your dick biggerSpongisum. Corpora cavernosa is the main room that houses the blood in the penis (90% of blood – when you get an erection). Your dick length is limited to amount of blood these two chambers can hold.

As your penis swells and lengthens, the filled Corpora Cavernosa press against the veins, and this pressure greatly reduces the blood flow from your penis. This keeps your erection hard enough for intercourse. The capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa to fill with blood during arousal limits erection length and thickness, and this function can decrease with age.

How To Get A Bigger Dick – Take A Look At The Following Methods

There are many methods on how to make your dick bigger, each of them coming with its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look over these methods:

How to grow your dick

How To Get A Bigger Dick Through Classical Vacuum Pumps – Is It Possible?

penis pumpPrinciple: The penis is inserted into the cylindrical bore of the device and the air is expelled through a pump suction force (manual or motorized) forced aspiration of blood fills the corpora cavernosa; the base of the penis ring is placed to prevent the blood to return to the rest of the body (maximum 20 to 30 minutes).

Effect: The result is not permanent and it decreases the quality and firmness of erections. Though there is an illusion of increase in the size of the penis – it is only a temporary effect due to the action of the vacuum device. These do not really show you how to make your dick bigger, so avoid it

Can You Grow Your Dick With Penis Weights?

Hanging weights on the penis is perhaps the oldest of the methods of penis enlargement.penis weight

Principle of Operation: Attaching a device (with a rope or belt) caught by the sexual glands behind them, allowing weight (which varies between 28-110 grams) to be suspended in the air for some time (between 5-10 minutes maximum / lift). The exercise consists in trying to raise these weights by repeated movements.

Risks: Stretch marks, injuries, decreased sensitivity to the penis, impotence, tissue tearing, fracture phallus among others.

This technique on how to make your dick bigger and harder is not recommended as it can cause serious injuries of the cavernous walls.

Can Mechanical Stretching Extenders Make Your Dick Bigger?

The Technique for Enlargement Your Dick
This method involves attaching a penis extender or stretcher to the penis for a pre-set time (approximately 8 hours per day); this device apply a constant force of traction in order to lengthen and increase girth of the penis. I want to state here that not all penis extenders work. Very few penis extenders have actually shown sign of effectiveness and efficiency.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger With Penis Enlargement Pills

Many male enlargement products (pills, patches, herbs, minerals and vitamins) are commercially promoted and available online, but are not approved by the Association of Food and Drugs (FDA – USA). There is no guarantee of such products, although manufacturers claim that in their composition are plants with hormonal effects, active ingredients as well as testosterone boosters based on vitamins. Not all Penis enhancement pills will grow your dick. Vigrx plus is generally believed to have helped people sustain longer lasting and harder erections, however, it may not make your penis bigger

Will Penis Enlargement Surgery Help You Increase Your Dick Length?

penis enlargement surgeryPenis enlargement surgery is not recommended by plastic surgeons and urologists for cosmetic purposes

Effects: Penis enlargement surgery can change the length of 3 to 5 inches and girth of 1 to 3 inches. Penis enlargement through surgical intervention is permanent, albeit, its only recommended as a last resort.

Risks Associated With Dick Surgery; Can leave scars, position of the erect penis will be down, its base will have a increased hair growth.

More Complications: Allergic reactions to anesthesia or substances injected (less own fat graft), a high state of anxiety for reaching sexual satisfaction injuries postoperative pain. During sex, injury to tissues or nervous system may occur (in the genital area).

How To Get a Bigger Dick Through Penis Enlargement Exercises

penis enlargement exerciseIf you want to get a sincere answer to your question on how to make your dick bigger, harder, stronger and thicker, then you need to naturally perform some specific exercises on your penis. These entire exercises will only take about 6 minutes daily for has long as you desire, provided your goal is achieved.

Two Popular Penis Enlargement Exercises

The following dick enlargement exercises will help you make your penis bigger naturally. These methods are known as jelqing and squeezing.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger Through Jelqing Exercise

It is expedient for me to tell you that you need to warm up your penis before performing any form of exercises on it for easy flow of blood to the penis and in order to prevent un-necessary injuries. So how do you do it? Simply dip a clean towel in warm water (not hot water) and hold the wet warm clean tower around your penis and testicles for about 2-3 minutes.

After doing this your penis would be in a semi-erect state. Apply baby oil and make an ‘’O’’ shaped symbol with your index finger and thumb from the base of the penis. Gradually and gently milk the penis from the base by forcing blood to the shaft (penis head). Repeat this exercise 100 times for about 2 minutes. This exercise can make your dick bigger and longer

How To Get A Bigger Penis Through Squeezing Exercise

Squeezing can help you in your quest to get a bigger dick especially penis girth. After the warming up exercise as stated above, allow your dick to have full erection (anything outside full and hard erection might not be effective) and squeeze it towards the body with your index finger and thumb. You will notice increase in blood when you do this. Ensure you hold it like that for at least 30 seconds. This will not only help you get bigger penis but also bigger girth

Penis Advantagepenis advantage, a penis enlargement program goes further deep than the basic jelqing and squeezing exercises. Because they add more effective exercises into the mix, and set them out in an easy to follow routine, they will bring on better and faster results than just jelqing and squeezing alone.

Over 98% of those who tried it benefitted from at least 1.5” growth in lenght and 0.9” girth growth within the first 1-2 months. Click here to know more about penis advantage


Those asking how to get a bigger penis should know that there are a wide range of methods available for this purpose, each of them having its benefits and side effects. Some techniques can be truly dangerous for your health, so you must research carefully before sticking to one.

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